My alarm goes off and I slowly stretch my way into the morning. Sleepily, I walk out of the bedroom, head to the kitchen, and prepare a warm morning drink of my choice. If you don’t drink warm drinks in the morning, a smoothie, fresh juice, or tall glass of water (with lemon if you have some handy). Time to climb back into the warmth of the bed, and free my mind through the medium of my choice, most of the time it’s pen and paper. I try to spend at least 15 minutes, but no longer than 30. After I’ve exercised my mind for the morning, it’s time to prepare myself for an energizing from the inside out with meditation. During this time I further the cleansing of my mind, visualize my day, and breath in the essence of the morning. Finally, unroll my mat (if I haven’t already) and salutate the sun.

I have coined this process my morning trifecta. It’s a routine and disciple I’ve created for myself in order to help me fully embrace my day. If you are a night person, I encourage you to create an evening trifecta. I find it a wonderful method to allow me to Keep Calm And Embrace My Inner Goddess/God.

Welcome to my journey,