I’m going to give you the truth. I am afraid of goal setting. I put this expectation on myself to be realistic, which often causes me to set limitations on how high I can really set the bar when setting a goal. It’s like a mental defense mechanism to prevent failure. Don’t aim too high and you won’t be left disappointed when things don’t work out. I’ve now realized how unhealthy my thought process is. And negative, so negative. It’s like planting a bad karma seed and waiting for the disaster to come into full bloom. 

All that stopped yesterday. Or shall I say, I am now fully committed to working towards putting more faith into myself and working to the best of by abilities so that failure is not an option. After all, I am in control of how much effort and diligence I put into these goals, so I am ultimately responsible for the outcome. 

So my girl friend and I sat, with our coffees and giant cookie that we shared, and did some 1-5- and 10- year goal setting based on the 6 core concepts of visions and goals outlined by Lululemon Athletica. I LOVE THIS COMPANY. I will reference them often. I love their products and I love their overall support of seeking bliss and good health through yoga and running. Incorporating the concepts of possibility, vision, balance, audacity, format, and integrity we proceeded to outline our ambitions in life. 

I’ll share my 1-year goals with you. It’s the list I’m most firm in and my immediate focus at the moment (but I think its because I did the exercise backwards. I should have started with 10-year goals and worked my way down. Whatevs).


  • I will set up my own bookkeeping and administrative services business to make additional income by June 2012
  • I will have a salaried position (within or outside of my current firm) making 20-30% more than current salary by December 2012.


  • I will be following the Paleo eating lifestyle diligently by September 2012
  • I will be caught up on yearly doctor’s appointments, dental exams, and seeing a dermatologist for skin issues by August 2012


  • I will be living alone in Philadelphia by April 2013
  • I will have 3-6 months of living expenses in my savings account by April 2013
  • I will be a certified yoga instructor by February 2013

My friend was done writing out all three year plans just as I was finishing my one year. She was clearly coming from a place of no limitations which allowed her to flow freely with her ideal life goals without hesitation. It took me a few minutes to get into that place, but once I was done I felt accomplished just at the thought of defying fear. The next steps are execution and follow through…fearlessly.