I’m just going to come out and say it. It’s annoying to hear/read declarations of making something in your life a priority that you don’t even like. I was blog strolling today and a writer declared that she wanted to make yoga a priority in her life, even though she hates it. The fact that she chose the word “hate” over dislike is a clear indication that she should, in fact, NOT pursue yoga. Her reasoning was because she just thinks yoga would be a good thing for her to incorporate in her life. Huh?

Please note, I am not bashing this particular blogger as a person. I am simply using her fallacy as an example to prove a point. Why pursue something you don’t love? Why choose to acclimate yourself to a person, place, or thing hoping for a positive result (when you start out with negative feelings)? It all seems so contradictory and silly.

I find myself defending yoga often to naysayers. It actually took a friend of mine damaging her body in a Bikram class I encouraged her to attend, to come to the realization that yoga is definitely not for everyone. I get the idea of trying something new. I love to try new foods, activities, music, and travel destinations but not all of these experiences are worth repeating. We see friends, family, and idolized strangers enjoying these things and we want to too. They look so happy, they are so passionate. Why can’t we get the same experience. Little do we know, the end result is always going to be different. The journey is the risk, and if you can’t enjoy the ride while you’re on it then it’s not a risk worth taking. Doing things because others deem them cool is so 15 years ago.

Sure, there are many wonderful benefits to yoga. ::Hops on soapbox:: It’s detoxifying for the mind, body, and soul, it aids in stress management, practice can result in the holistic healing of digestive, respiratory, and heart problems, it can help your sex life… The possibilities are endless. I truly believe yoga has the potential to cure whatever ails you. Key word here: POTENTIAL. Yoga is an art form in connecting the mind, heart, and body. Being fully connected, invested, and present does a good practice make. That can be applied to just about anything in life. You don’t succeed with hate, you succeed with love. Even if you can’t quantify the experience, you can qualify it with one word: LOVE.

Moral of my ramblings: Act and pursue on love. It’s not about competing for bliss, envy of other’s experiences, or trends and fads. These are not motives, they are sabators. Do it cause you love it, you can’t get enough of it, you’ll perish without it. Do it for LOVE.