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Dear Running, I’m just NOT that into you. 

This may be an overall over-it feeling in general to intense cardio. At times, I love running…loved? To be honest, since I’ve started devoting more time and energy into yoga, I don’t feel the need to explore many other types of fitness. I’ve always had a general disdain for weight training. In exploring the many forms that yoga has to offer, I notice I receive the benefits of cardio through practicing Bikram and toning seems to be happening on it’s own while practicing hatha, ashtanga, or vinyasa. 

Here’s my dilemma: I’ve paid to run a 10 miler in May. I signed up for the Broad St. run in Philadelphia, which is scheduled to happen in less than 5 weeks. My sudden non interest in running is certainly not an excuse to drop out of the race. Let me make this clear: I WILL BE RUNNING. In my intermittent attempts at training, I have been able to do up to  6 miles quite easily. I am confident that come race day, even without fulfilling the requirements of my training, I will be able to complete the full 10 miles. My goal has always been to go out there and finish, nothing has changed about that. 

I just can’t get it up for running. I don’t get the same vibes from it anymore. Yoga is my medicine for all things stress and I’ve come to embrace that. Our bodies need different things, at different times. I’m learning to listen to mine and supply it with what it needs. Right now, that happens to be yoga, good bread, good cheese, and pasta. And I’m ok with that.