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Yesterday was a difficult day emotionally. I’ve been in a fog. A fog of feelings and the need to emotionally eat all the wrong things. The one thing that was kind of keeping me afloat, was knowing I had scheduled myself for a much needed yoga class. I did suspect, however, that I could possibly be cutting it really close on time. To my disappointment, I was right, and I missed out on my chance to bend and twist my way to Zen. I could have gotten really down in the dumps. I could have added more fuel to my fog fire, and blamed myself on mismanaged time and bad luck. But, I didn’t do those things. Instead, I decided to do something productive. For the record, simply rising above negativity is productive in my book.

A huge goal of mine is to make Philadelphia my city. I’ve been known to diss this place, hard, but I’m coming to the realization that I may have made some harsh judgments before actually taking the time to do any actual exploring and seeking out of my interest. Every city has something to offer. A flavor. A flare. I’m determined to find my niche in this city.

Beginning this past winter, I decided to make seasonal bucket lists. Not only is this an excuse to put all my Yelp.com review stalking to good use, but also it’s a great way to challenge myself to seek new venues. My friends and I have come so used to frequenting the same places and seeing the same faces, eventually you need a new scene to peak your interest. Philadelphia needs to peak my interest, because I may be committing to the area for a few more years. I need these mini seasonal challenges to get me more proactive in the community.


I made a small, temporary home in Good Karma

It took a missed yoga class to kick things off, but last night I went to my first venue. The place is called Good Karma Café. I’m not going to lie, the name alone was enough of a reason for me to add it to my list. I love a good café atmosphere and I love coffee, rave reviews on both officially had me sold. Another great selling point: two locations in the city, double the coffee and pastry? Yes, please.

My first location: Rittenhouse area. I really did not realize Rittenhouse expanded as far as it does. Thank you Groupon and Raja Yoga for opening my eyes!  I was already in love with what little I had already discovered, but my explorations as of late have been wonderful.  So many new places to eat, that’s all I’ve really noticed actually, and I’m ok with that. I LOVE FOOD.


The Yum Factor.

Speaking of which, the crumb cake I chose to nibble on was amazing. Crumb cake and café au lait, yoga who…where? Oh yea, that was what I came into the city for. My drink was delicious as well.  If I’m in an independent coffee place, and the espresso drinks make me happier than Starbucks (and I’m not going to lie, I love me some Starbucks) then I am sold. You’d be surprised how many independent shops can’t hold a candle to Starbucks, unless you are laughing at me because Starbucks is my Holy Grail o’ coffee.  I also had a bowl of vegan, gluten free three-bean chili that hit the spot. Good Karma is passed the test and that wasn’t even the best location. I’m pumped for my next visit.