Sometimes I can visualize mine. Well, actually, I have two. One on my heart and one in my mind. They say everyday presents a chance to start over, and BOY have i taken advantage of the art of reinvention almost every day of my 20 something year old life. I wrote this rut post, which turned into a slump, which manifested into a complete halt. I didn’t run the Broad St. run (in fact, I had a severe panic attack the morning of the race). I’ve stopped doing yoga. I completely defaulted on my spring bucket list (with the exception of my visit to one Good Karma location and Village Whiskey). I’ve even gone as far as to syke myself out of all my one year goals. I’ve just let a lot of things remain in limbo because of FEAR.

So what’s different now? Why should you follow me on a journey I seem destined to sabatoge?

The RESET has been hit. The desire to “get off the couch” has been ignited. The planning process is in the works. The willingness to conquer all the bullshit aka FEAR has been affirmed.

I am 4 days into YogaJournal’s Mediation Revolution and feeling somewhat revived already. I think it helps that I am no stranger to meditation, I just kind of fell off the wagon. I’m starting on one thing, focusing on one goal, while forming a strategy on how to navigate through others. Some goals are old (and being revamped), some borrowed, and some new. I may have paused for too long at the STOP sign, but my engine is revved and I’m ready to go again.