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Words I associated with the color red: Blood, spicy, watermelon, fire, raspberries, cranberries, wine, cherries, romance, anger, passion.

Words associated with the Root Chakra: Security, survival, power, courage, and resilience.

The first step in my personal transformation is to destroy. If I were looking to “cosmetically” change an emotion, feeling, or state of being, my goal would be to manipulate appearance, think of the saying “fake ‘it til you make it”. I, however, am entering a period of transformation where I’m literally knocking down walls that have been built as a result of past experiences. Transforming is about reshaping and remolding. It starts at the foundation. The root. It’s where strength is built, affirmations are made, and security is developed.

With a faulty base, it’s hard to remain standing. We wobble and often get thrown in different directions, but with a strong foundation all you will eventually need every now and then are a few “cosmetic” changes.

My initial thought was to work on a different chakra each week, but I think I’m going to spend a little more time and invest a little more energy into the root. I’m still in the “setting goals” process. It’s been an interesting week of exploration, deconstruction, and discovery. I kind of like it here, in this place of possibility and assurance. This is only the beginning. I want to make sure I take my time and do it right.

Why am I doing all this? 

I asked myself that today. Well, like I said earlier: I like it here! I can stand myself so much more when I am actively cultivating a positive mind, body, and soul. I like feeling well nourished, physically and mentally. Connecting with myself allows for better authentic connections with other people. I like participating in the karma exchange. It’s not all pretty, and I plan to keep it real with myself and others. I’ve done it here. I’ve acknowledged the good and the bad. It’s a process, a journey, with twists and curves, and fuck-shit-fuck moments.

So why not? Why not talk about what transports me from just living to living blissfully. Why not take the journey? Why not choose openness and love over caginess and hatred? Seriously, why not?