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Greetings from St. Louis, MO! I’ve been absent from my little spot on the internet preparing for my trip, doing yoga, cooking meals, farmer’s marketing, and now that I’m here, spending time with family.

While traveling, I completed my 28-day meditation challenge with Yoga Journal. I was pretty disciplined with my challenge. I missed one day out of twenty-eight. Not bad. Most days I would wake up, do a few stretches, and sit and do the guided mediation of the day. Some days I’d miss my chance to do a meditation before I got out of the house but I’d make sure to do it when home from work and settled down. The one day that I actually missed doing my mediation was when I had a family member visiting. I initiated the challenge because I want to incorporate meditation into my daily habits. Has it become a habit? Well, it’s almost noon and I have yet to do a meditation. I’d like to still remain discipline in that practice but now it will take more effort on my part because it’s not something I’m “challenging” myself to do.

Lifestyle changes are hard to incorporate into your life, especially if those close to you aren’t familiar with the types of changes you are making. At the moment, I am focusing on plant-based eating, finding my spirituality, holistic living, and yoga. Some of my friends consider that to be “weird eating”, “Psycho-babbling”, and being a “modern hippie (hipster)”. I get it, to some extent, it’s more common for people to be ignorant to change than accepting, especially if it’s not something that interests them or they have no connection to it. Often times, I feel alone in my practice and lifestyle choices but I am learning to seek out more like minded people and socializing a little more when attending yoga classes and other workshops.

It’s tempting to abandon all the diligence you put into whatever habits your trying to modify or add into your daily routine when you’re not around like-minded or supportive individuals. For example, since I’m visiting family friends, I’ve been indulging in foods I don’t typically eat at home and I haven’t had much “me” time. I’m not being hard on myself though because I’M TRAVELING and spending time with people that I love. The best part is the indulgence, and I admit that I have not reached the point where I am discipline enough not to take too much advantage, but we’re all a work in process, aren’t we?

Let’s all take a moment to reflect: Where can you use a little more discipline in your life?

Hope you are all getting a sweet start to your week.