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It’s almost my birthday. I basically celebrate for an entire month, and have been doing so, please excuse my hiatus. I started out this month very focused but the closer I get to the day I turn 27, the more I’ve been letting loose.

I’m viewing this turning of a new age as more of a renewal than the turn of a new year. 26 was an awesome year, in fact it was my golden year, I turned 26 on the 26th day of August. I accomplished a lot personally, did a good amount of traveling, and had a lot of new, fun, and exciting experiences. I’m going into 27 believing that I will accomplish even more and with the faith that there are good things in store for me.

In thinking about my intentions and desires for the upcoming year, I’ve come up with the following:

•more blogging
•more yoga
•leaving the country in 2013
•visiting two new states (last year my goal was one and I hit five!)
•claiming fiscal responsibility (ie budgeting, saving, and clearing debt, being frugal)
•I will be pursing a degree in nursing

Full disclosure: writing all that out gave me butterflies. I’ve got some big (potentially expensive!) goals on my plate. But honestly, half of the things I’ve done in the last year, I didn’t believe I would accomplish. The same amount of time I took to acknowledge the fear that lives inside of me, I also am declaring not to live in it. I won’t let it fester and become this unthinkable mass of useless emotion I can not overcome.

In putting these desires and intentions out there, I am not attaching myself to an outcome nor ignoring the potential for obstacles to create detours on my path.

Simply putting it out there just feels damn good.