I’m not going to lie, I’ve neglected this little space here I’ve attempted to create within the inter webs. I’ve thought about writing. A LOT. The act of actually organizing my thoughts and being somewhat creative, however, has been a bit of a challenge for me lately. Adding to that, my plate is FULL.

  • I’ve started yoga teacher training! I had my fourth weekend last week. Sooooo much has happened in those four weeks and even attempting to articulate it all right now would not be doing this process any justice. It’s amazing, exhaustive (mentally, physically, emotionally), transformative, enlightening, uncomfortable, peaceful, joyful…I could go on and on AND IT’S ONLY BEEN FOUR WEEKS. I’m literally immersed in the yogiverse right now and loving every minute of it. 
  • I am also finishing up on a degree I started a few years ago and had temporarily abandoned because I’ve decided I want to go somewhere new with my career life. Since I am only one semester away from completing what I started, it is important for me to FINISH. My next venture will still be there when I’m done. Classes are eating up any time I have outside of yoga (and work) but overall life is best for me when I’m busy, productive, and working purposeful toward a specific goal. 
  • I’ve embarked on another meditation challenge, along with several fellow teacher trainees. It’s Deepok Chopra’s Abundance 21-day mediation challenge. I was not able to make the commitment to meditation that I’d hoped after doing it the first time, so I decided to try again. So far so good (four days in). 
  • And finally, to complete the body/mind connection, I have reaffirmed my commitment to work on my eating habits. I was doing really well on whole foods plant based eating and then a chicken and dumpling recipe fell into my lap, along with bags of Halloween candy, and well, it’s been a rough road lately. I’m in the current stage of giving up sugar and things haven’t been going well. I don’t like the way that sugar makes my body feel but the taste and the cravings are my biggest downfalls. Nine days in and nine days failed. This is my November challenge…HELP ME.

I haven’t really been doing much outside of teacher training, studying, and homecooking (I need to post recipes!). I’m still working on some of the goals I outlined in my “It’s-almost-my-birthday” post (other than maintaining this blog, obviously), which involves reserving capital, so I’m currently lacking in the social sector of life. I think I need to work on a Philadelphia winter bucket list so I can schedule some fun and adventure in the mix.